Lista de épicos populares mundiais


Idiomas africanos

Bayajidda, a West African epicEri, a West African epicLianja, a Central African epicOduduwa, a West African epicSilamaka, a West African epicEpic of Sundiata, a West African epic

Idiomas americanos

La Araucana, an American Spanish epicPopol Vuh, a Maya K'ich'e epicDiné Bahaneʼ, a Navajo epic

Línguas do sudoeste asiático

Bahman Nama, a Persian epic about the story of Bahman son of IsfandyarBanu Goshasp Nama, a Persian epic about the daughter of RustamKush Nama, a Persian epic recounting the story of Kush the Tusked and Abtin.Taghribat Bani Hilal, an Arabic epic recounting the journeys and conquests of the Bani Hilal tribeThe Daredevils of Sassoun or Davit of Sassoun an Armenian folk epicThe Knight in the Panther's Skin, a Georgian epic poemEpic of Gilgamesh, the oldest epic of the world from MesopotamiaFaramarz Nama, a story about the Persian hero FaramarzGarshasp Nama, a Persian epic about the heroe GarshaspShahnameh, the Persian "Book of Kings" by Ferdowsi, national epic of Greater Iran and world's longest epic poetry written by one poetThe Book of One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of stories from mostly Persian and Arabic sources

Línguas do Leste e Central Asiático

Epic of King Gesar, a Tibetan epic, generally considered the longest in the worldHeike Monogatari (The Tale of the Heike), a Japanese epicJewang ungi, a Korean epicKing Dongmyeong, a Korean epicAlpamysh, a Turkic epic from Central AsiaEpic of Koroghlu, a Turkic epic from Central AsiaManas, an epic from KyrgyzstanBook of Dede Korkut (Korkut Ata), an epic from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other Turkic nationsOghuz-nameh, an epic from Oghuz Turkic nations (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, as well as Turcomans of Iraq)Kutadgu Bilig, an epic from Central Asia, Uighurs and other Turkic nationsJourney to the West (also known as "Monkey"), a Chinese novelMupamipa, an epic of the Lahu ethnic group of China

Idiomas do sul da Ásia

Khamba Thoibi, a Manipuri epic poem from India.Meghnad Badh Kavya, a Bengali language epic from India by Michael Madhusudan Dutt.Numit Kappa, a 1st-century Manipuri epic poetry from India.Mahabharata, a Sanskrit epic from India; known as Bharatayuddha in Indonesia and the longest epic in the world.Ramayana, a Sanskrit epic from India.Panchatantra, a Sanskrit epic of animal folktales from India.Epic of Siri, in Tulu language from Karnataka, IndiaThe Five Great Epics of Tamil Literature, India:SilappatikaramManimekalaiCīvaka CintāmaṇiValayapathiKundalakesiMailaralingana Kavya, in Kannada language, IndiaManteswamy Kavya, in Kannada language, IndiaMalemahadeshwara kavya, in Kannada language, IndiaSiri and Kotichennayya avali kavya, in Tulu language, Karnataka, India

Línguas do Sudeste Asiático

Bidasari, a Malay epicBiag ni Lam-Ang (Life of Lam-Ang), an epic of the Ilocano of northern Luzon, the PhilippinesDarangen, an epic of the Maranao of Mindanao, the Philippines. Derived from the RamayanaHinilawod, an epic of the Panay-Bukidnons of Panay, the Visayas, central Philippines.The Tale of Kiều, a Vietnamese epic poem in lục bát.Ibong Adarna, a Spanish-era Tagalog epicKlei khan Y Dam San, an epic of Ede people in Central Highland (Tây Nguyên), Vietnam.Nagarakertagama, an Indonesian epicSepha Khun Chang Khun Phaen, a Thai epic about the adventures of Khun Phaen, a Siamese folk hero.La Galigo, also known as Sureq Galigo or La Galigo, is an epic creation myth of the Buginese people from South Sulawesi, Indonesia Written in an Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian) language, it is the longest epic in the world.

Idiomas europeus

Cikli i Kreshnikëve, an Albanian epicThe Mountain Wreath, a Montenegrin epic poemKalevala, a Finnish epicKalevipoeg, an Estonian epicLāčplēsis, a Latvian epic

língua grega

Iliad, an Ancient Greek epicOdyssey, an Ancient Greek epicOn Jerusalem an epic written in Greek based on the Old Testament characters of Abraham, Isaac and JosephTheogony, an Ancient Greek epic

Idiomas itálicos e romances

Aeneid, a Roman epicOs Lusíadas, a Portuguese literary epicThe Lay of the Cid, a mediaeval Spanish epicThe Song of Roland, a mediaeval French epic

Idiomas celtas

Mabinogion, a compilation of Welsh myths and legendsMatter of Britain, a compilation of Welsh myths and legendsMythological Cycle, a compilation of Irish myths and legendsUlster Cycle, a compilation of Irish myths and legendsFenian Cycle, a compilation of Irish myths and legendsCycles of the Kings, a compilation of Irish myths and legendsTáin Bó Cúailnge, an Irish epicCaoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire, an Irish lament

Idiomas germânicos

Beowulf, an Anglo-Saxon epic written in Old EnglishEdda, a collection of Icelandic poemsLe Morte d'Arthur, a collection of Arthurian legends in Middle EnglishNibelungenlied, a German epic poemNjál's saga, an Icelandic sagaVolsunga saga, a Scandinavian sagaThe Lion of Flanders, a Flemish national epic

Idiomas eslavos

The Baptism on the Savica, a Slovene literary epicEpic of the Forgotten, a Bulgarian poetic sagaJudita, a Croatian epicOn the Track of the Sun – The Red Warriors from Chorasmia, a Croatian epicPan Tadeusz, a Polish literary epicThe Tale of Igor's Campaign, an East Slavic epicSerbian language
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