Lista de obras em teoria crítica


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Esta é uma lista de trabalhos importantes e seminais no campo da teoria crítica.

Otto Maria CarpeauxHistória da Literatura Ocidental, 8 vol. (Portuguese, 1959–66)M. H. AbramsThe Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical TraditionTheodor AdornoAesthetic TheoryNegative DialecticsTheodor Adorno & Max HorkheimerDialectic of EnlightenmentLouis AlthusserFor MarxLenin and PhilosophyErich AuerbachMimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western LiteratureMikhail BakhtinDiscourse in the NovelRabelais and his WorldRoland BarthesImage, Music, TextMkkJean BaudrillardThe Perfect CrimeSimulation and SimulacraWalter BenjaminIlluminationsThe Origin of German Tragic DramaHomi K. BhabhaThe Location of CulturePierre BourdieuLa distinctionKenneth BurkeA Rhetoric of MotivesA Grammar of MotivesJohn BranniganNew Historicism and Cultural MaterialismCleanth BrooksThe Well Wrought Urn: Studies in the Structure of PoetrySean BurkeThe Death and Return of the AuthorJudith ButlerBodies That MatterGender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of IdentityCathy CaruthUnclaimed Experience: Trauma, Narrative and HistorySamuel Taylor ColeridgeBiographia LiterariaJonathan CullerStructuralist PoeticsThe Pursuit of SignsLiterary Theory: A Very Short IntroductionGilles DeleuzeDifference and RepetitionGilles Deleuze and Félix GuattariCapitalism and Schizophrenia: Anti-Oedipus (pt.1) and A Thousand Plateaus (pt.2)Jacques DerridaOf GrammatologyWriting and DifferencePeter DewsThe Limits of DisenchantmentThe Logic of DisintigrationTerry EagletonMarxism and Literary CriticismThe Idea of CultureAntony EasthopeThe UnconsciousWilliam EmpsonSeven Types of AmbiguitySome Versions of PastoralThe Structure of Complex WordsNorman FaircloughLanguage and PowerCritical Discourse AnalysisFrantz FanonBlack Skins, White MasksStanley FishIs There a Text in this Class?Northrop FryeAnatomy of CriticismGerald GraffLiterature Against ItselfJürgen HabermasLegitimation CrisisThe Theory of Communicative Action, volumes 1 & 2The Philosophical Discourse of ModernityWolfgang IserThe Act of Reading: a Theory of Aesthetic ResponseLeonard JacksonThe Poverty of StructuralismFredric JamesonThe Political UnconsciousPostmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late CapitalismThe Prison-House of LanguageFrank KermodeRomantic ImageJulia KristevaDesire in LanguagePowers of HorrorJacques LacanEcritsThe SeminarsF.R. LeavisThe Great TraditionAnia LoombaColonialism/PostcolonialismHerbert MarcuseReason and Revolution. Hegel and the Rise of Social TheoryEros and CivilizationSoviet Marxism. A Critical AnalysisOne-Dimensional ManToril MoiSexual/Textual PoliticsI.A. RichardsPractical Criticism: A Study of Literary JudgementPrinciples of Literary CriticismK.K. RuthvenCritical AssumptionsEdward SaidCulture and ImperialismOrientalism (1978)Jean-Paul SartreWhat Is Literature? (1947)Ferdinand de SaussureCours de linguistique générale (posthumously 1916)Alfred SchmidtThe Concept of Nature in Marx (1962)Zur Idee der Kritischen Theorie (German, 1974)Eve Kosofsky SedgwickBetween MenEpistemology of the ClosetSusan SontagAgainst InterpretationStyles of Radical WillUnder the Sign of SaturnWhere The Stress FallsGayatri Chakravorty Spivak"Can the Subaltern Speak?"In Other WorldsRaymond TallisNot SaussureScott WilsonCultural MaterialismW.K. WimsattThe Verbal IconVirginia WoolfA Room of One's OwnSlavoj ŽižekThe Sublime Object of IdeologyThe Ticklish Subject: The Absent Centre of Political Ontology

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