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Uma peça de exibição é:

An accomplishment which is worthy of display and admiration:English Wikipedia's 1,000,000th qualified article, Jordanhill railway station, was called a "showpiece of parallel collaboration."An outstanding example of a type:Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, British Columbia is considered a showpiece garden.The Green Mountain College organic garden with many heirloom plantings has become a campus showpiece.A performance or composition which provides an opportunity for the display of a particular skill:The Dying Swan was ballerina Anna Pavlova's showpiece.Luciano Berio's Sequenza XII is a showpiece for bassoon.A work of art or theatrical production presented for exhibition:In 1994, choreographer Jerome Robbins created a showpiece for the School of American Ballet based on composer Johann Sebastian Bach's Two and Three Part Inventions.In the satiric sense, a showpiece is a charade, a mockery, an empty or absurd pretense.

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